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Other Specialties

Website building, web hosting, digital advertising, marketing experts, programmatic advertising.

Responsive Website Building & Hosting

JL Advertising Group creates custom websites for businesses so they get found in all major search engines. Believe it or not more than 62% of all small to medium size business do NOT have a website! A small business without a website in today's internet-connected world is losing credibility by the minute, not to mention customers.

We offer several website product variations that all have features such as: keyword inclusion, XML site maps, branded emails, web storage, Google Maps, social media link integration, photo galleries, and much more. Most SMB's would rather edit content on their  website than create it.  JL Advertising Group creates all the content for your business to make getting a new website painless and fast.

Increase web traffic, increase sales online, advertising, marketing, digital marketing, digital advertising.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Programmatic

JL Advertising Group will help your business grow through our Search Engine Marketing campaigns. We will create an online marketing plan that reaches your target audience and drives online results to your website, email and phone.  Through keyword research, knowledge of search engine algorithms, and landing page integration, internet users who are searching for businesses like yours will find your website and become new customers.

Our SEM programs include keyword research, creation of ad copy, hourly bidding, call tracking solutions, and daily statistics that relate to the campaign results. Our platform also enables your dollars to work for you all month long (we call it campaign pacing), instead of using your entire budget in 4 days....we DON'T set it and forget it!

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, digital marketing, digital advertising, advertising, marketing, commercial printing, branding, direct mail.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is as much an art as it is a science. That being said, aligning your business with a company that will do what's right for your business is critical, to not only your business success but for your business credibility. A properly conceived and executed SEO program will combine many elements such as: keyword use vs. overuse, precise title and alt tag naming, relevant content, HTML and other web language technologies, appropriate linking and many more critical elements.

Your business has worked hard and invested heavily in your core business. We feel it is important to align yourself with a partner that will respect and protect the core business you have created by providing the right SEO solutions to your business.